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Olivado Avocado Oil Lemon Flavor

A flavor oil made by adding lemon essential oil to avocado oil that is just squeezed avocado fruit.
Additive-free oil with zero cholesterol and trans fatty acids!
It is an oil that is strong against cooking (smoke point 255 ° C) and does not burn easily during cooking and can be used with confidence.

The refreshing aroma of lemon adds a unique and distinctive flavor to the dish.
Great for salad dressings, marinated seafood and pasta, roasted chicken, etc.

Other recipes are also available on Instagram.

  • It is not a genetically modified product.

  • No chemicals or additives are used in the oil squeezing process.

  • No chemicals are used during purification.

  • There are no pesticide residues.

  • The producer is approved by Olivado.

  • It is a 100% traceability product.

  • It is a phthalic acid-free packaged product.

  • Taste and performance tested.


  • It may become cloudy or precipitate at low temperatures, but it is a plant-derived ingredient and there is no problem with quality. It will return to its original state when warmed with lukewarm water.

  • After opening, close the cap tightly, avoid direct sunlight, and store at room temperature.

  • The main body is a glass bottle. Be careful not to damage it due to impact or cut it with the cap.  

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