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Natural beet sugar

Uses 100% sugar beet from Hokkaido

It is a 100% natural sweetener made by extracting sugar from the root of sugar beet produced in Hokkaido and separating it into sugar and molasses by a syrup machine. Since the raw material is only from Hokkaido, it is a safe sugar with good traceability.

"About the beat"
Also known as sugar beet or sugar beet in Japan, it is the main ingredient of sugar along with sugar cane. Although it looks like a radish or turnip, it belongs to the same Chenopodiaceae as spinach in terms of classification. Sugar is made by taking out the sugar stored in this root part by the action of photosynthesis. In Europe, sugar refers to beet sugar, which accounts for about 35% of the world's sugar production.

● Similar to ordinary granulated sugar, it can be used for various purposes.
  For making sweets such as cakes and cookies.
  Also OK for syrup and jam!
  You can also enjoy it in coffee or tea.

Recipes using Yakabe products are now available on Instagram!


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