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Sprinkle herb salt  



☆ Special salt [Mineral-rich crystalline sea salt] herb salt

☆ New Zealand [Bioglow] Uses organic certified sea salt

☆ Raw materials are only salt and herbs

No need for other seasonings with this one!
● Sprinkle on salad as it is ● It goes well with pasta dishes! It's quick, easy and delicious!
● Crush it finely with your fingertips and sprinkle it on sashimi, tempura, tofu, etc. It's very delicious!
● For seasoning stir-fried vegetables and meat! Simple!
● This one is OK for the taste of meat and fish!
● Easy and delicious dressing when mixed with avocado oil!

   It goes great with oil!

It is a delicious herb salt that can be easily used for anything because it is a mixture of herbs that are easy to match with any dish.
It melts quickly and blends into the ingredients, so you can just sprinkle it at the end of cooking!
There is no mistake in taste adjustment! It is also ideal for those who have reduced salt.


♡ True herb saute 🌿 ♡
Yakabe's herb salt makes white fish even more delicious! ✨

• 2 slices of true sprinkles • 1 teaspoon of sprinkle herb salt
• Olive oil (or salad oil)

<How to make>
① Put the bag in a plastic bag and crush the herb salt by hand.
② Shake the bag lightly and sprinkle with herb salt to season it.
③ Bake from the skin until it becomes brown, turn it over, and cook it to the inside.

The rich aroma of herbs spreads out, and you can taste delicious white fish with just this herb salt!

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