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Natural pure raw brown sugar

(Shinha Junna Makokuto)


It is a very rare brown sugar that is produced only once a year in Fukuoka prefecture.
It is brown sugar with a refreshing taste, natural acidity, and somehow saltiness.
Potassium is about 3 times that of ordinary brown sugar! Iron content is about twice as much!
In addition, vitamins B1 and B2 are also abundant.

All processes except sugar cane squeezing are manual and additive-free.

[Recommended usage]
・ For tea making as it is ・ Coffee (espresso) has a special taste!
・ Sprinkle on toast ・ Use on boiled fish and boiled fish to remove the odor and make it tasty ・ Black honey for yogurt, pancakes, kuzumochi 

= Regarding sales during the summer (July-September) =
This product "Pure raw brown sugar" is a half-life type product.
Normally, we do not use any lime to harden brown sugar.
Therefore, brown sugar begins to melt at high temperatures, so it will be shipped by cool mail during the summer (July to September).


♡ Pure brown sugar and brandy pavé chocolate ♡

● Chocolate (bitter is recommended) 200g
● Pure raw brown sugar 100g
● 100g of fresh cream
● Brandy (OK without it) 1 tbsp

① Finely chop the chocolate to make it easier to melt.
② Prepare hot water to be used in the water bath.
③ Do not let the chocolate get wet! It will cause separation.

<How to make>
① Put the cream in a pan and heat it over low heat. Heat it to the extent that small bubbles and steam come out from the surroundings. (* Be careful not to overheat)
② Transfer ① to a bowl, add brown sugar and chocolate, and mix with a rubber spatula.
(* Mix well while boiling in hot water so that brown sugar and chocolate are completely melted and mixed.)
③ Wrap the container and pour it. It will harden as it is, so make sure it has the desired thickness.
Wrap from above and chill in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. (Adjust according to the amount of brandy)
④ When it hardens, cut it and add cocoa powder.

By using pure raw brown sugar, it will be refreshingly sweet 💓


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