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Bath salts avocado & rosemary

Extra virgin avocado oil and natural essential oil (rosemary essential oil) extracted from plants are blended with organic certified sun-dried salt that contains plenty of minerals from the beautiful seawater of the Marlboro region on the South Island of New Zealand.

The sun-dried salt, which is a condensed form of sea minerals, attracts the body, and the aroma scent comfortably relieves tension.
Sweating increases metabolism and promotes detoxification effect. Enjoy a scented massage in the aroma bath.

Contains extra virgin avocado oil, which has excellent skin permeability and moisturizing effect, and rosemary essential oil, which refreshes the mood and rejuvenates the body.

It rejuvenates the tired mind and body and refreshes with the aroma effect. It warms the body from the core and keeps the skin lustrous.

Bathing: Put 4 caps (about 20g) in the hot water of the bathtub (200L) as it is.
Massage: Imprint on the area of concern, massage, and then take a bath without rinsing.

■ Please note ■
Bath salts may not be available depending on the type of bath you are using and the bathtub / kettle.
It cannot be used for enamel, marble bathtubs, and 24-hour baths.
After using bath salts, wash the bathtub and bathtub thoroughly. If salt remains, it may damage the bathtub or bathtub.

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