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​Founded: Meiji 25

Since its establishment as a rice dealer in 1890, it has been handling raw materials for products.
We live in harmony with nature, receiving the blessings of the sun, air, water and the earth.

Now that the natural environment and social environment are changing drastically, we appreciate the blessings of nature, cherish the ingredients, and strive to provide everyone with peace of mind, safety, and joy based on the food business we have built up so far. Doing.

representative   Akira Matsuzaki

President and CEO Satoko Matsuzaki

Corporate history 

1892 Founded a rice dealer in Nishiki-cho, Moji-shi, Kazusuke Yagabe

1902 Moved to Nakamachi, Moji City Changed to sugar powder wholesale business

Taisho 5 (1916) Takes over the second generation of Matsuzaki Jikichi

Showa 19 (1944) Tomiharu Yagabe succeeds the third generation

1957 (1957) Takes over the 4th generation of Atsushige Matsuzaki  ・ Moved to 1-chome, Dairi-to, Moji-shi

1970 Moved to 2-3-16, Dairi-to, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu

1971 (Showa 46) Organized as a joint-stock company Capital 1 million yen

1975 (1975) Increased capital to 4 million yen

1996 Increased capital to 10 million yen

1998 (1998) Started trading business

1999 Increased capital to 13 million yen

2007 Moved to 5-24 Shimonijitcho, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu

2016 (2016) Satoko Matsuzaki succeeds the 5th generation

Increased capital to 59.92 million yen in 2018

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