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Natural Okinawa brown sugar


It is brown sugar made by boiling sugar cane juice as it is without any additives.
It has been used for many years as a raw material for popular yokan from famous Japanese sweets stores that represent Japan.
Calcium, potassium, vitamin B1. It contains plenty of nutrients necessary for the body such as B2, iron and minerals. You can use it as a tea maker as it is, or as a substitute for children's sweets.
Also, when used in simmered dishes and boiled fish, the odor is removed and the taste becomes exceptional.

● For simmered pork and fish

● For simmered meat potatoes and pumpkin

● Sweets such as pudding and zenzai go well!
● As a snack as it is

● For coffee, tea, and hot milk!

Recipes using Yakabe products are now available on Instagram!

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