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Avocado Soap Lavender Relax


The wonderful natural power of plants protects the skin from stress and damage,
Bring out the power to be beautiful yourself.

Pure Vegetable Oil 100%

Nutritious extra virgin avocado oil (unrefined / cold pressed),
For base oils and fats that luxuriously use vegetable oils such as macadamia nut oil (unrefined / cold pressed) and rosehip oil.
A face-wash soap containing natural essential oils.
Vegetable oil, which has a structure similar to that of human sebum, blends in with oxidized fat and exerts a wonderful cleansing effect.
Essential oils take care of the depths of the epidermis and enhance the natural resilience of the skin.

Things that are safe to put in your mouth are also safe for your skin.
No synthetic surfactants, antioxidants, colorants, synthetic fragrances

Lavender essential oil (bactericidal power / immunity enhancement), vegetable oil
Contains orange essential oil (skin tightening effect, effect of promoting waste product discharge).
The pleasant scent of lavender and orange relieves stress and tension and enhances skin function.
Recommended for people with normal to dry skin.

* Delivered in simple packaging

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