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Natural cooking rock candy

Small rock candy that is easy to use for cooking


Rock candy is made from the finest granulated sugar and is grown into small crystals of sugar without any mixing.
By slowly melting the crystals, you can soften beans and meat.
It also features a refreshing sweetness that leaves no persistent aftertaste.

● For boiled beans, simmered dishes, sukiyaki, meat potatoes, kuri-kinton, mentsuyu, etc.
The result is a refreshingly sweet dish that is different from ordinary sugar.
● For zenzai, shiruko, jelly, jam, etc.
It is also ideal for desserts as it does not leave a persistent sweetness.
● For coffee, tea and old sake.
A refreshing sweetness that does not interfere with the flavor of coffee or tea.

* If you feel that the sweetness is not enough, use a little more than normal sugar.

Recipes using Yakabe products are now available on Instagram!


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