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avocado  oil  & garlic

yakabe style

simple life & good  taste

From the world to Japan From Japan to the world

"We want our customers to be happy" has been at the root of our business since our founding.

The spirit of "high quality products like no other" and "honestly with gratitude". With that spirit as our motto, I think that choosing products is one of the reasons why we have become a 130-year-old company.

We want to be a company that pleases customers who transcend national borders and cultures. For that reason, I think it is time to reconsider the relationship between nature and humans.

The theme is "coexistence with nature". I think it is our mission to take action on Yakabe itself and convey that heart to Japan and the world.

Yakabe Co., Ltd.

​CEO Atsushige Matsuzaki

President and COO Satoko Matsuzaki

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