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Seven years aged persimmon vinegar


Saijo persimmon, which is the raw material, is a beautiful farmland in Shimane prefecture that is rich in nature and is carefully made along with the growth of persimmon trees without using any chemical fertilizers or herbicides.
Except for yeast (wine yeast), it is slowly naturally fermented by the action of acetic acid bacteria contained in the air without adding any water, and is aged for a long period of 7 years.
Temperature control is very important for the production of clear vinegar without turbidity, but seven-year-aged persimmon vinegar is managed and stored in a special storage to maintain 10-20 ° C throughout the year.

Delicious because it is aged for seven years

By aging for a long period of time, the depth and mellowness increase, making the vinegar palatable, easy to drink, and delicious.
The mellow taste of the seven-year-aged persimmon vinegar, which has been aged for a long time, makes it an exceptional finish even in cooking.​

Characteristics of seven-year-aged persimmon vinegar

Persimmon vinegar, which has been used for health maintenance since ancient times, contains minerals and vitamins such as potassium, bintan C, polyphenols, amino acids, and GABA.
Above all, the amount of potassium is 6 times that of black vinegar and 15 times that of rice vinegar.
The nutrients of persimmon are condensed and further increased.













* Values are quoted from the 7th edition of the Japan Food Research Laboratories. However, 7-year-aged persimmon vinegar is quoted from Shimane Prefectural Industrial Technology Center Research Report No. 26.
7-year-old persimmon vinegar Quoted from Shimane Prefectural Environmental Corporation inspection results (2019).

Tannin (polyphenol) 36mg / 100g

Alanine (free) 15mg / 100g

Isoleucine (free) 11 mg / 100 g

Glycine (free) 7mg / 100g

How to Use

  • As vinegar to drink by diluting with water (hot water) or carbonated water!
    * Enjoy 1 tablespoon (15 ml) 5 to 10 times as much as you like.

  • Combine with soy sauce for sashimi and grilled fish!

  • Add it to salad dressing or sanbaizu for a special finish!

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