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Natural brown sugar powder

Uses 100% sugar cane from Okinawa


Powdered additive-free brown sugar with no other ingredients such as molasses and starch syrup.
It is an alkaline food that contains calcium, iron, and potassium in addition to sugar.
No additives are used.
As it is a powder, it is very easy to use for cooking.
If you use it easily for everyday cooking, the flavor and richness will increase and the finish will be delicious!

● For cooking such as simmered dishes and boiled fish.
As a secret ingredient of dishes that make the best use of flavor and richness ● Put in yogurt to make brown sugar yogurt.
The sourness of yogurt and the flavor of brown sugar go well together.
● For making Japanese and Western sweets.
Please use it for red bean paste, warabimochi, pancakes, etc.

* As a characteristic of brown sugar, you may feel some bitterness or spiciness, but there is no problem with the quality.
Please enjoy with confidence.



◆ Kuromitsu Warabimochi

Bracken starch ... 50g

Sugar ... 25g  

Water ... 2  cup  

★ Brown sugar ... 30g  

★ Water ... 30g  

Kinako ... appropriate amount  

[How to make]

① Put ★ in a pan and boil over low heat to make black honey.
(2) Put bracken starch, sugar, and water in a separate pot, dissolve them well so that they do not get lumpy, and then put them on low heat.
③ Stir from the bottom of the pot with a rubber spatula without rest, and turn off the heat when the whole becomes transparent.
④ 2
  Roll into bite-sized pieces with a spoon and drop in ice water.
⑤ Drained the vessel
  Four  Serve with soybean flour and black honey  multiply.  



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