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Olivado  Extra virgin  Coconut oil


A smooth and smooth coconut oil with a hint of coconut scent and taste. It can be used for making stir-fried foods and sweets, and as a substitute for butter.

Even if it is raw, it is resistant to oxidation and heat (smoke point 230 ° C), so cooking is OK!
When used for popcorn and fried foods, it is crispy and delicious!

Coconut oil contains many healthy ingredients such as lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that is also contained in breast milk, caprylic acid called MCT oil, and capric acid.
In addition, medium-chain fatty acids are efficiently decomposed and burned without causing a rapid rise in insulin, so "coconut oil" is attracting attention as a diet material!

Great attention!
It is also effective in improving and preventing Alzheimer's disease and dementia!
Since medium-chain fatty acids become ketone bodies that serve as energy for the brain in the body, research is being conducted to improve and prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

The director of the Shirasawa Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, the director of the Ochanomizu Health and Longevity Clinic, and Takuji Shirasawa also recommend coconut oil in their published books.

Of course, there are no trans fatty acids that are said to increase the arterial effect and the risk of myocardial infarction! !!
Zero cholesterol!

・ For "butter coffee", which is a hot topic overseas!

・ Due to its characteristics, this oil will harden white in an environment of 25 ° C or less. ・ After opening, close the lid tightly, avoid direct sunlight, store at room temperature, and overheat may cause smoke or fire. Of cooking

   Please be careful when

Recommended recipe

Ice cream to eat in a warm room 😋

·Vanilla Icecream  90-100ml
・ Coconut oil  2 tsp
・ Fruits and herbs as you like 🌿

[How to make]
① Put vanilla ice cream on a plate and sprinkle coconut oil on it.
② Add fruits and herbs to your liking.

Recipes using Yakabe products are now available on Instagram!

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