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Natural Wasanbon


Sugar made from Tokushima prefecture's sugar cane "bamboo sugar" using traditional Japanese manufacturing methods such as "sharpening", in which craftsmen manually add water to remove molasses and knead it. is.
It is a fine powdered sugar, and since a small amount of molasses remains, its soft and flavorful sweetness has been used as a material for Japanese sweets.

● For making Japanese and Western sweets.
Very elegant and mellow flavored sweetness is best.
● For coffee and tea flavors.
When you put it in your mouth, it melts quickly and has a nice sweetness.
● Sprinkle on seasonal fruits such as grapefruit and strawberries.
The gentle sweetness enhances the deliciousness of the material.
● Flyer For sushi, sukiyaki, simmered dishes, etc.
It has a unique flavor and a light taste that can be used for home cooking.


♡ Wasanbon Toro Toro Kinako Mochi ♡  

·Rice cake
  2 pieces, soybean flour  Favorite ♪
・ Wasanbon
  Favorite ♪
  A pinch ☆
  Favorite ♪

[How to make]
① Combine the soybean flour, Wasanbon, and salt.
② Crush and roast the walnuts (fragrant and delicious 👍)
  2. Boil water in a pan, turn off the heat when it boils, and add mochi.
③ Leave it for about 2 minutes, and when the mochi is soft, take it out and cut it into 3-4 equal parts.
Immediately sprinkle with ① and walnuts.
* Wasanbon has a gentle sweetness and richness, and goes perfectly with kinako!


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