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sense and alive

Sense and Alive


Sun, air, water, earth We receive all the blessings of nature and live in harmony with nature. While appreciating the blessings of nature and valuing the materials, we strive every day to deliver products that keep everyone healthy. The company motto created with that thought in mind is "health, gratitude, sincerity, cooperation, and service." Every morning, I sing along with my employees and engrave that spirit in my mind and body.


Product selection

"Yakabe" was the "gateway to Kyushu" Moji, where international logistics flourished in 1890, and started from a rice store.
Since its founding, the spirit of "I want our customers to be happy," "high-quality products like no other," and "with gratitude and sincerity" has been fundamental. With that spirit as our motto, I think that choosing products is one of the reasons why we have become a 100-year-old company.


To the future

In the future, with a view to global business development, we would like to become a company that pleases customers who transcend national borders and cultures.

For that reason, I think it is time to reconsider the relationship between nature and humans.

The theme is "coexistence with nature". I think it is our mission to take action on Yakabe itself and convey that heart to Japan and the world.

Employees who work hard every day are also important. Especially in a small company like "Yakabe", employees are like family members. Their efforts are supportive and lead to the continuation of the company. I would like to aim to be a company that grows together with employees.


Yakabe Co., Ltd.

CEO     Atsushige Matsuzaki  

President and COO  Satoko Matsuzaki

Sense and Alive

(Sense and Alive)

Proposal of a lifestyle that sharpens the five senses and makes you feel alive 

The products of "Yakabe" are selected under the theme of "Sense and Alive". I would like to sharpen the five senses of "seeing, listening, smelling, tasting, and touching" and propose a life that pleases the feeling of being alive.

Products are safe and secure that can be clearly presented from production to sales, and we select only those that we can recommend with confidence. "Extra Virgin Avocado Oil" (Olivado, New Zealand), which is the most popular in the import sector, is said to be good for beauty and health because it is packed with fruit nutrition in addition to the beauty and aroma of green, and it is easy to arrange in cooking. It has been very well received. And our own products "Bath Salts", "Avocado Soap" and "Herbal Salts" with the theme of "Sense and Alive"​ "・" Pure brown sugar "is also a self-confident work.

I want to continue selecting and developing products that do not forget the basics and disseminate them to the world.
The dream of "Yakabe" is still going on.


Sense and Alive

Five Senses for people to know the various worlds that surround them


Is equipped with

Sharpen your five senses

More naturally neutral



Feel and enjoy being alive

Regain a lively life
Proposing such a lifestyle

Sense and Alive 

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