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  • It is not a genetically modified product.

  • No chemicals or additives are used in the oil squeezing process.

  • No chemicals are used during purification.

  • There are no pesticide residues.

  • The producer is approved by Olivado.

  • It is a 100% traceability product.

  • It is a phthalic acid-free packaged product.

  • Taste and performance tested.


  • It may become cloudy or precipitate at low temperatures, but it is a plant-derived ingredient and there is no problem with quality. It will return to its original state when warmed with lukewarm water.

  • After opening, close the cap tightly, avoid direct sunlight, and store at room temperature.

  • The main body is a glass bottle. Be careful not to damage it due to impact or cut it with the cap.  


Chicken thigh and avocado oil tomato 🍅 sauce ♡

Chicken thigh
  1 salt • pepper  Appropriate amount
○ Organic Natural Omega Oil
  1 tablespoon
○ Salty sauce
  1 tablespoon
○ Mirin
  1 tablespoon
○ 1/2 teaspoon of raw sugar
○ Salt
  Futatsumi ○ Japanese-style soup stock  1/2 teaspoon
1/2 tomato
  as you like

<How to make>
① Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of the chicken thigh.
② Bake from the skin over medium heat. Turn it over and bake on low heat until the inside is cooked.
③ Combine ○ and mix well.
④ Cut the tomatoes into cubes. Cut the perilla stems and cut into julienne.
⑤ Mix tomato and ③.
⑥ Sprinkle the sauce on the chicken thighs and put the chopped perilla on it to complete!


Recipes using Yakabe products are now available on Instagram!

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